Best 5 KickWho 1:1 Jordan 4 sneakers online stores 2023

As the first shoe in the Air Jordan franchise to go international, the Air Jordan 4 was released to a wide audience outside of the United States and also contributed to the brand’s growing popularity and popularity in pop culture. In the film Do The Right Thing, Spike Lee used the Air Jordan IV in a memorable scene and gave the shoe its own identity outside of the courtroom.

The Design Of The 4

The Jordan 4 was the second straight shoe designed by Tinker Hatfield and was released in 1989. It was not a drastic departure from the Jordan 3 when it comes to design, but it made some additions that made it one of the best in the series. There was a jumpman logo underneath it, which added the word “Flight.” This was the first sneaker shoe to use nubuck materials. There were mesh components for increased breathability, as well as multiple areas in which plastic was incorporated. It introduced nubuck materials to the sneaker world.

Best 5 KickWho 1:1 Jordan 4 sneakers online stores 2023


1, Kickwho 1:1 Jordan 4 sneakers online store






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5, Kickwho. ru


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