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If you wish to know the materials used for creating such pieces, you need to ideally go through the Shoes Review posted by the customers.  When you visit the stores, you can see the product for yourself. It is right there in front of you. You could inspect the materials that are used to create the Nike Dunks or Nike Air Jordans.  Many of the imitations have very bad quality of plastic that will wear away over time. the original version of shoes are the best, but still you could select replicas that are also of good quality and are value for money.  When playing high intensity games, we know that quality and durability of the sneakers and shoes are of importance and hence the brands make sure to use the best quality.  When it comes to speed and running, many people do not mind loosening their purse strings.  The best advise is to go through the reviews posted on the internet and accordingly take a call.

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We need to bear in mind that replicas are a common word that is used in the accessory industry right from ladies hand purses, bags, shoes, clothing and so on.  The same holds true for sneakers as well.  The concept is similar and replicas and fake varieties are slowly invading the footwear world as well.