How to identify The Quality LED Lights Supplier online

LED Lights Supplier

As you know the COVID-19 outbreak has become one of the biggest challenges to the international business in 2020. More and more LED Lights purchasing decisions have to be made online without a face to face communication even an in-place audit on the factory. What is the biggest worry from the oversea buyers is the quality issue happening during the process of this online procurement. It would bring in a potential risks of damaging brand reputation even business bankruptcy. Today LED Lights Supplier will teach you how to identify LED Lights Manufacturer on line.

Quality System

Surely the suppliers who have much experience and good reputation would be likely to offer the LED lights in quality with the relative documents because they have built up the mature quality in-house system. For example, the buyers would receive the relative LED Strips testing report or packing details along with the quotation of LED Strips.

Production Capacity

We have to know two lead time exactly. The first lead time is to prepare the raw material from their suppliers. The second lead time is to produce the LED Lights finished products in plant. However most of buyers ignores the first lead time and lead to the meaningless communication. At last a lot of outstanding wastes on both time and cost would be charged to the buyers. So please remember to ask the two lead time before releasing your orders.


The buyers can ask for the original BL copy which hiding the consignee to understand the export experience from this supplier. It is better to have some business reference from the suppliers.

  • E-Top Audit

It is known that E-Top (HK) Technology Limited is one Global LED Lights manufacturer. E-Top has also played one role of buyers for E-Top oversea clients since 2008. We will help our clients to do an in-place audit on the suppliers that the buyers are going to order. E-Top (HK) has the professional engineer team consisting of senior experts in LED lights industry. We can precisely understand the needs of LED Lights markets and offer the workable solution meeting the international standards for our clients. The other hand, E-Top (HK) has 4 professional consultants in export and import trading. E-Top can arrange the FQC before loading from the factory and make sure all the papers are correct.

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