How to light your kitchen with energy-efficient LED lighting products

China LED Lights Products

Fundamental lighting design procedures always describe layering light to pull off the desired effect. This means blending task lighting, accent lighting and general ambient lighting for your kitchen. Utilizing energy-efficient lighting products can help transform the aesthetics of your kitchen and also reduce your energy bill. Using LED lighting products offer you this energy efficiency and various bulb alternatives that you cannot get from traditional compact fluorescent lights. For the CFL bulbs to last for a long time as it is printed on the packaging, they need to be allowed to be on for 15 minutes every time they are switched on; if not, these bulbs will easily burn out at a quicker rate. They also require this time to heat up to their full intensity. LED light bulbs turn on immediately, and do not require being kept on to last as long as possible [typically around 50,000 hours].

China LED Lights Products

China LED Lights Products

Besides their energy-efficient and durability factors, these products also come in spot and floodlight options. CFLs cannot generate focused light without being dependent on the fixture that it is put in to perform the light focusing. It is much easier to obtain the lighting look of your choice with several LED bulb options.

Begin with the task regions

Great kitchen lighting from a decorative and functional aspect includes task lighting and ambient lighting. Task lighting is utilized to illuminate workspace areas like sinks, counters and tabletops. The lighting needs to be shadowless and bright with the fittings mounted nearby the task regions. Mounting lights underneath the cabinets that sit on the kitchen counter is a good idea to add in task lighting. China LED lights products alternatives include LED strips and light bars that offer useful task light and light to improve the appearance of the countertop stones.

In case you don’t have any overhead cabinets, like the kitchen island, you can make use of hanging pendant lights to bring light near the workspace. Generally, the pendant lights need to be hanged just bout 5 feet 6 inches off your floor and your kitchen dining region light should hang around 5 feet 4 inches off your floor. Your choice of fixture must be 12 inches narrow than your tabletop. If you don’t have a place to hang lights, then you can project light from your ceiling utilizing recessed or track lighting.

The most efficient light bulbs for recessed or track fixtures are the directional lamps that glow in a specific direction. Lots of these fixtures utilize MR16 bulbs. You just need to buy an MR16 LED bulb that generates a flood design and doesn’t possess a hard defined ray pattern, because if it had one, it will start casting hard shadows which will make it a bad choice to be used as a task light, however a good choice for accent lighting.

Ambient lighting

Once you are done choosing the task lighting, it is now time to select the fixtures that offer the ambient light. It is the general light utilized for casual endeavours in your kitchen. It reduces contrast, fills in the shadows and illuminates vertical surfaces to offer a vivid and intense feel. A kitchen that has light coloured surfaces and more windows will have more ambient light in the day, but once the sun starts to set, the kitchen will have to depend on fixtures that generate general lighting.

If your kitchen makes use of fluorescent lighting, you can replace them with LED bulbs. They tend to last longer. Their rated lifetime equates to around 10 years of using them if you use them for 12 hours every day. This is good since the conventional fluorescent lights consume more electricity even after they are burnt out. Selecting a warm colour temperature between 3000K and 5000K helps you have a nice and inviting light.

China LED Lights Products

China LED Lights Products

LED sconces offer a good way to bring in ambient lighting to your kitchen. The light is directed upwards usually as they are mounted over the wall, however, certain fixtures glow up and down. They are mounted mostly so that the sconce’s centre is 5 feet 6 inches away from your floor. If you possess space between the cabinets top part and your ceiling, light bars or LED strips can be utilized to bounce the light off your ceiling to bring more general lighting.

Accent lighting

This lighting is what offers the space an extra dimension. It is minimally utilized to highlight some objects in your room thereby adding to the style of your space. You can use LED spotlights that can be put in to direct the light to the kitchen’s architectural details and your artwork too. LED strips or LED bars bought from China LED lights manufacturer can be fixed in your display cabinets to light glassware, fine China and several other collections.
With good lighting, any kitchen can not only be made to look new but also a central space of your home wherein you can engage in casual activities. Utilizing LED lighting helps benefit your pocket and the environment as well.