Planning To Buy Football – Make The Right Decision

Irrespective of which position your kid plays on the football field or the kind of field he or she plays on, there are football shoes specifically designed for them. Online websites like are filled with various models of shoes that you can select from.

Selecting Football Cleats

There are two major factors you have to keep in mind while choosing the football cleats for your kid.

The first one is the styles of football cleats. There are two styles available – long cleat football shoes and short cleat football shoes. Long cleats are commonly associated with better and greater severity as well as the incidence of knee or ankle injury compared to the soccer-style kind of shoes.

Here a higher incidence of injury could be due to the fact that football-style type of shoes will make the foot temporarily stationary especially on the turf. So, it would unyielding to any kind of external or internal applied forces. Also, since the foot is planted, it is not hard to see why there are a lot of injuries using long-cleat football shoes.

Secondly, there are two major kinds of cleats – detachable and molded cleats. Most like Nike football boots are created for playing on the turf or grass fields. So, it is important that you take into account what kind of field your child commonly plays on.

If the games are played on both the turf and grass, then you can go for the multipurpose cleat. Also, an important thing to keep in mind is that certain schools and league teams don’t allow detachable or metal cleats. So, it is important you confirm before purchasing.

Shoe Style

Most of the football shoes like cheap Nike football boots have cleats that are available in three styles or heights. This is based on the varying requirements of players playing in various positions. Following are them –

• High Tops

These extend up to the ankle and gives extra support, especially for the lateral movements, thereby reducing the chances of getting ankle sprains. Here linemen benefit from such kind of extra support as they spend a huge amount of time from moving one side to another during the game. This puts a huge amount of strain and stress on their ankles.

• Mid Cut

A mid cut shoe like the one provided by Nike football boots NZ stores provide huge support along with giving better maneuverability. Frankly, such style is perfect for players called game of players aka ‘skill positions’, who are the running backs, defensive backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers.

• Low Cut

These shoes are commonly used by certain and selected players as they are lightweight. Now the best part of using the lower cut shoes is that they provide extra maneuverability, thereby allowing the player to quick cuts right on the field. However, such shoes give less protection against ankle injuries as well as less support.

Shoe Material

The upper portion of the shoes is made either from synthetic material or leather. With regard to leather, it breathes well, thereby making the feet of the players comfier. Plus, it is more flexible, which is a huge plus in terms of function and comfort. Another major advantage of leather shoes is that they are very much durable, but are more expensive.

Unlike the leather, synthetics don’t have the breath-ability or the durability of the leather. However, they are not that much expensive. Various shoes use different kinds of synthetic materials which give support as well as reinforcement for the mid-foot, forefoot and even the ankle.

Types Of Cleats

Most of the latest shoes like the Nike football boots 2020 have two major kinds of cleats – detachable and molded cleats. Here these are designed either for the turf or grass fields. So, it is important that you know on which kind of ground your kids play. But if they play on both the artificial and grass turf, try to go for the multipurpose cleat.

• Molded Cleat

Such cleats are attached permanently to the outsole of the shoe’s bottom. Most of the turf shoes use molded rubber cleats which provide a spring and traction on the majority of the harder turf surface. Also, molded cleats are very less expensive compared to the detachable cleats.

• Detachable Cleat

These are studs that can be replaced and removed for fitting the field condition of all kinds of grasses, like the hard and dry or the sloppy and wet. Most importantly, their versatility is what makes the detachable cleats commonly preferred for children who play often on the grass.

You can easily customize such shoes using a replacement and wrench cleats, along with using smaller studs for dry and hard surfaces. Also, longer studs can be used on a wet and sloppy field.