Tips to consider while investing in Badminton Shoes

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You may be interested to play the game of badminton & have developed a keen interest for this sport. This game requires you to be fit & move around the court with great agility & great speed. Since you need to run after the ball & hit with your racquet, you need to be fast. This is possible by wearing good quality badminton shoes like Peak taichi. Such shoes allow you to optimize your on-court performance. At the same time, it allows you to move around freely & jump high at will, while preventing injuries. Your feet & legs while running & jumping constantly are prone to experiencing plenty of stress throughout the game. Hence, it becomes crucial to take into consideration the different options & features available.

Peak taichi

Peak taichi

Few things to consider when choosing peak sneakers

Soles: Well-constructed & superior quality badminton shoes are likely to have rubber or gum rubber soles. The preferred option for players using wood court or PU is gum rubber soles. The reason is because such shoes do offer excellent grip on court. To play on cement floors, you should choose standard rubber soles. You can also come across shoes with non-marking soles as it helps to prevent leaving marks on the ground. This results from the fast movements that take place while playing the game from front to back of the court. Peak shoes are indeed the sports shoes to choose.

Ventilation: Badminton is considered to be a fast-paced sport and hence, you are likely to sweat a lot. Even your feet will sweat profusely, the reason why you need to wear a pair of shoes that comes with proper ventilation. Such shoes will be highly appreciated as it allows your tired feet to breathe in fresh air. This will make you less tired on court and allow you to carry on your natural game & put in more efforts to win the game. Otherwise, sweat build-up will only result in wet shoes, where fungi & bacteria may develop easily. This will only cause bad smell to emerge from your feet after some time, which no one is likely to appreciate. Proper ventilation created in the shoe at different places is crucial. This will help your feet to stay cool and allow you to spend more time playing the game on court sending comfortable shots to your opponents.

peak shoes

peak shoes

Cushioning: A lot of jumping & moving around is involved in this game. Hence, the shoe you choose from reputed portals like will have excellent cushioning. With good cushioning, your body will be provided with adequate protection from constant movement. The knee is considered to be the region that is likely to witness severe stress due to lunge & regular jumping. However, wearing the right pair, you can trust on cushioning to take some load off your knees, thus providing ease and ensuring it does not get harmed.

Weight: You need to choose light shoes to play badminton game. Otherwise, heavy shoes will not allow you to play for a long time in court. It will simply slow you down & make you tired after some time. The typical weight of the sport shoe to be used to play this game is approximately 250 to 350 grams. This is the correct weight that will allow you to move swiftly across the court & take your opponents by surprise.

Ankle support: Minimal ankle support is provided in specially designed sports shoes, since you need to move forward, backward & sideways.

Following the above tips will allow you to choose the best branded sports shoes like peak taichi flash!