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When we are thinking of purchasing basketball shoes and when one is not sure about what to invest on, then replica Air Jordan shoes are ideal.   However, it is not easy to differentiate the original ones from the replicas.  Moreover, if you are tight on a budget, then replicas are the safest bet.  There are many scan businesses that create many knockoffs but for people who do not have the money to shell out such huge amounts, this is indeed a boon.  The price tag is the only manner in which they would be able to identify if the shoes are original or replicas. Also, many times even fake Air Jordans are sold at the original price.  The original price of these branded shoes are sometimes lesser and so if you do not want to go in for replicas, shop online and reap the advantage of online shopping.  Many affordable and fake replicas are available online and you could shop for these from CoolKicks.  Do your research well, speak to friends who have purchased these replicas.