The Dualtron Storm – Your Getaway Vehicle

In today’s times, the focus on protecting the environment is at an all time high. With the fright and deep impact of COVID-19 19 still lingering, till a vaccine is found, the noise is getting louder about learning to respect the environment and not take it for granted. The advent of electric technology in vehicles has happened some time back not only to protect the environment but also for other reasons. The world is realizing that fossil fuels are not going to last forever and a viable economic alternative is the only answer. People taking to electric vehicles are also more focused on reducing their carbon footprint and want to do their bit towards environment protection.

The Dualtron Storm and the Dualtron range of electric vehicles have become popular for the above reasons and many more. One of them being the development of batteries of high capacities and quick charging that have made them easy to fit into hybrid and pure electric vehicles. The increase in charging stations, nations across the world granting special benefits and changing rules to boost the manufacture of electric vehicles are other reasons for the growing popularity of vehicles like the Dualtron Thunder and others. Please find more information here;

Companies like the Minimotors USA boasts of owning one of the oldest brands in the scooter world.  More than a decade ago, the all-terrain electric 4-wheel vehicles were made by this company. In 2015, the first batch of dual motor vehicles under the name of Dualtron rolled out and since then has become one of the most popular brands in the electric scooter industry.

Owning the electric scooter is now becoming a way of life for many people. They love the convenience of driving such brands like the Dualtron Storm, Dualtron and the Dualtron Thunder. They are loving the easy driving comfort of these vehicles. They know these vehicles can be taken for a spin around the park, to the market place or just for a long drive. Moreover, the economical cost of running the vehicles on electric power and with the knowledge that they are not causing any environment pollution are other huge motivating factors for many to go for such vehicles.

Just one thing to keep in mind is the weight of the rider on such vehicles. The heavier the weight of the rider, the lesser the mileage and climbing ability of the scooter. It is therefore necessary to choose the right electric scooter like the Dualtron 3 or the Dualtron Thunder that are heavier vehicles if you are the rider and are on the bulkier side.

For those who are light weight, the Dualtron Mini and the Dualtron Eagle Pro are ideal vehicles to ride. The vehicles come with the best of the Lithium Ion batteries and there is also the LED remote which allows the rider to set different colorful patterns on the handle bar and on the body. Usually, the Dualtron Mini is the best starting vehicle for the one who is just starting to drive the first electric scooter.

The Dualtron Storm made by Minimotors USA has acceleration that can reach 62mph, which is a great asset. There is a battery pack that is removable so that charging is very easy, the portability of such a battery enables the rider to charge the battery at any time at any place. The wheel removal as well as maintenance of the Dualtron Storm places it in a league that is very different to the rest. It is very easy to travel 80miles on this scooter. The 40-amp controllers with the 6700 BLDC twin motors propels this scooter swiftly.