Tips on taking care of li- ning basketball shoes

li ning

Basketball shoes form a necessary part of your game. The feeling one gets upon opening a box of new shoes is impeccable. A pair of fresh and new shoes can make up one’s day. However, keeping these shoes for a longer time is necessary by keeping certain things in mind. The basketball players have to wear their shoes during practice, and they often wonder how to give the same shine to the shoes throughout the lifetime of the shoes. The feeling of newness and freshness is something that the players would like to keep for a long time. These shoes can last longer if they are stored right. If the shoes are constantly mistreated, they might not serve your purpose for a long time. So you might get stuck in the cycle of a new pair of shoes every time your old shoes get torn out.

 lining basketball shoes

lining basketball shoes

How to take proper care of your shoes?


1) The key is to store them the right way:

After the game, you might be in a hurry to put your li-ning shoes deep into your bag. However, when you keep your shoes inside the bag for a long time, it can affect the shape of your shoes and can result in odor formation. So it is better to store your shoes in an open space where there is an open space for air to pass that helps in drying shoes. After their drying, you can store them in the box.


2) Placing tea bags inside the shoes:

Who doesn’t love the fresh smell of new shoes? However, an unpleasant odor can take the place of the new fragrance after a game. Teabags can be beneficial in this scenario to remove the unpleasant odor that has formed in the shoes.


3) Wear your shoes only when you are in the court:

If you have bought shoes for your game, it is better not to use the same pair for your outdoor uses. Using these shoes for outdoor purposes can result in the loss of proper grip and can decrease the lifetime of the shoes. When you use these shoes only in the court, you can keep them cleaner and increase the shoes’ life.


4) Use of shoe-protector spray:

Spraying your shoes with water repellants or a shoe protector spray can be worth your investment. It is extremely useful in the case of white shoes. Shoe-protector has a lifetime of up to two months, depending on how long you wear your shoes. The best method to use the spray is to apply two coats and then reapply after each wash.

basketball shoes

basketball shoes

5) The basic rule of cleaning:

Certain tips will help you to keep your li ning basketball shoes clean,

1) Use a tooth-brush to clean the interior of shoes

2) The mixture of warm water and detergent can help to clean the dirty areas of your shoe

3) You can remove the soap foam that is in excess using a sponge soaked in water

4) The final step involves the air-drying of your shoes at room temperature.

5) It is better not to leave the shoes in direct sunlight or use a direct dryer to dry your shoes.

The tips can be useful for keeping your shoes clean.

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