Free Yoga Treatment for AIDS Patients

Free Yoga Treatment for AIDS Patients

A Yoga Institute in Rajasthan, India is treating patients of AIDS free of cost with a combination of allopathic medicines, alternative medicines and, Yoga! The veracity of Institute’s claims that they are adding 15-20 years in the lives of AIDS patients is certainly open to debate, but isn’t the gesture of helping these poor patients by putting aside the stigma that is generally attached to the disease, not good enough a start? In a country where over 5 million people are HIV positive and with little or no access to health facilities in remote rural areas, it is for sure a heartening start towards greater acceptance of HIV positive and AIDS patients in the society.

A few Yoga Postures and some meditation may not cure them of AIDS, but it sure can help them cope with the disease better.

Free Yoga treatment for AIDS, HIV at “Arogya Dham” in Rajasthan

At a time when individuals having HIV positive or suffering with AIDS are detested in society irrespective of place, “Arogya Dham”, a Yoga institute, in Rajasthan’s Pali district, welcomes all affected people to provide free medication, consultation and treatment.

‘Arogya Dham’ situated in Pali district of Rajasthan, who has found around 1, 000 AIDS cases in Sadri hamlet is providing free medicines, consultation and treatment through Yoga. With its special treatment, the institute claims to add 15 to 20 years to the life of those who are affected with the dreaded disease.

Patients who come to ‘Arogya Dham’ from various places are happy and feeling rejuvenated with the treatment they receive here.

“I used to do some work living out of town. While being drunk I visited a brothel and fell ill. It was later that my doctor told me I was suffering with HIV infection. When I came to know that Ganga Singhji treats AIDS patients at Arogya Dham, I came here and got treated. Now I am alright and can work also for one or two hours,” said Harshvardhan (name changed), a patient.

Dr. Adam, who came from Poland to teach Yoga to the AIDS patients, is one of the team members of professionals.

“Its very nice to be here. I just want to help people. Yoga costs nothing. It is the best method to keep your body healthy. It’s nice to teach the AIDS patients. It’s a huge problem for the humanity around the world. If Yoga can do any help to keep their body healthy, I am trying to do that also,” said Dr. Adam.