Yoga Helps Back Pain Sufferers: Latest Study – Times

Yoga Helps Back Pain Sufferers

The latest study concludes that Yoga is more effective in treating back pains than conventional exercises! The results support the claim that many Yoga teachers and practitioners have been making all along.

The study is the largest randomised controlled trial to date that helps prove effectiveness of Yoga for chronic back pains. The 101-adult patients were placed on a yoga programme, a conventional aerobic, strengthening and stretching course, or left to develop their own rehabilitation care with a self-help manual. The study was conducted by researchers at Group Health Co-operative’s Centre for Health Studies, in Seattle.

As per Times, those who did yoga were better at activities that put pressure on their back and took fewer pain killers. After 12 weeks only, the people practising Yoga showed significant improvement in their condition and after 6 months they were not only in less pain, they also needed lesser medication (painkillers). The study results were recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

“Most people have experienced back pain at some point in their lives,” said Dr Karen Sherman, a Group Health researcher and the lead author. “Sometimes the pain goes away in a few days, but sometimes it lasts for weeks. And unfortunately the treatments offered by modern Western medicine are only modestly effective.” She added that people interested in learning yoga for relief of low back pain should choose an instructor who has experience of working with students who suffer from the condition.

The study povides sound scientific footing to the benefits of Yoga otherwise not proved scientifically thus far. It’s a ray of hope for the millions suffering from back pains all over the world. One only hopes that more and more research is undertaken to prove the countless other benefits of this millennia art of mind, body and spiritual well-being which originated from India over 5000 years ago.