Neglecting Yoga Practice-A Terrible Mistake


I began at HNY last spring after much trepidation. I instantly loved it. The commraderie with my fellow students, the exercise and peace achieved from the practice, and the clear difference that it made in my daily life. I achieved a new sense of peace, self-confidence, energy and love for life.

Unfortunately, a summer filled with stress at work and at home caused me to fall away from class. I spent more hours at the office. When I was home, I was constantly bombarded with the problems of family which, for some reason, became my problems to solve. I didn’t return to class as I promised myself. I fell away from other exercise. I gained some weight and, worst of all, felt my mental and physical health decline.

Finally, I have recognized that much of this was precipitated by my failure to continue my yoga practice. While trying to take care of everyone else, I failed to recognize the need to take care of myself first. I now realize that it is impossible to give everything you have to others unless you give something to yourself first.

 Today I reteurned to my cardio workout as the first step to reinvigorating myself. It felt terrible. Every movement made me tired. But I was doing something for myself, for my health, and for my life. What I look forward to the most is a return to HNY when the Beginners Plus class begins next month. It will be an older, pudgier, but wiser me.

I have learned my lesson the hard way. I only hope that my fellow Yogis don”t have to.